Meet our Resident, Phyllis Kozma

Phyllis2Phyllis Kozma is 92 years old.  She has been a resident at The Hearth at Gardenside in Connecticut for the past year.  She was born in Perth, Australia, which is located in Western Australia.  There was a naval base located in Australia in a city named Fremantle.  During World War II, wives and mothers made food and coffee for the servicemen while young daughters served the food & beverages to the servicemen.  This is how Phyllis met her husband, an American sailor, and married him in Australia.  They moved with their one-year old daughter to the United States in 1946 where they settled in Brooklyn because her sister-in-law lived there.

Phyllis was married for 57 wonderful years until her husband passed away.  They had 11 children, 1 daughter and 10 sons.  Phyllis lost her oldest son when he was in his mid-50’s, but the rest are still living.  She has 21 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  Her son lives in Connecticut, but her other children live in other states (Florida, New York, Maine and the Mid-West).

Phyllis of course was very busy being a mother, but she loved to sew and bake too.  She doesn’t have one particular fond memory.  Phyllis said that her whole life was good.  She had a good husband, his family was nice as well and she raised good children.  She has no regrets whatsoever.  Her advice to everyone is “Be content with your life and do the best that you can”.

Phyllis sang in the church choir in her early teens.  She had a wonderful singing voice.  You can still hear her sing during live entertainment and at sing-a-longs.  Her voice still sounds great!  Phyllis loves all types of music and she can’t ever get enough of it!

If Phyllis could meet anyone and have a meal with that person, she would choose two people – Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.  She feels that they are nice people who sang well together.  Phyllis also said that they were scandal-free!

Phyllis enjoys living at The Hearth at Gardenside because there are people she can talk to.  She doesn’t feel lonely.  Phyllis keeps busy every day at Gardenside.  She also loves going to Mohegan Sun Casino every other month with the residents.  Her daughter from Maine comes down to Connecticut to go along with her mom and they have such a nice time together!

We want to thank Phyllis for taking the time to share about her life with us.  We also would like to thank Linda, the Activities Director at The Hearth at Gardenside, for helping us build the story of Phyllis.

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