Indiana & Tennessee Communities Highlight Live More®

This month, we are highlighting our Live More® philosophy in honor of Live More® week and National Senior Health & Fitness Day (May 31st) coming up next week.  We are diving into each of the 8 key areas of wellness that make up the Live More® wheel.  Today, our Indiana & Tennessee communities round out the Live More® Wheel by highlighting the Emotional & Environmental areas of Wellness.


Presented by The Hearth at Hendersonville, The Hearth at Stones Crossing & The Hearth at Juday Creek

“The Hearth at  Hendersonville is a place where residents call home. There are many activities for everyone to enjoy! This includes inter-generational programming like our local school groups that come on a regular basis and perform songs for our community. The last group that came had a total of 66 middle school children that played guitar, piano, and sang solo’s for the residents. Pet Therapy is another activity we offer  that relaxes our residents and gives comfort and love to all. We have canvas painting, guided visual meditation with aromatherapy, monthly resident birthday parties where we sing and have cake and ice cream! The most fun I have with our residents is performing my “Elvis Presley Show” for them. The residents dance and sing along to all the fun songs. We have fun and share stories with each other about all the fun things we do here at The Hearth at Hendersonville!”

– Rick Applegate, Activities Director at The Hearth at Hendersonville in Tennessee

“Meet Teddie Orosco! Teddie is a Miniature Long Haired Chihuahua and belongs to our Senior Living Activity Director here at Stones. He comes in to “work” on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week as an emotional support dog. I am sure you can see from the expressions of our Residents how happy he makes them and how he brightens up their days. Teddie is a huge part of the activity team here at Stones and spends time with the Residents in multiple ways. Teddie spends time in the activity room with the Residents, he goes to visit in their apartments the Residents who don’t like a lot of group activities, he’s there to offer emotional support to Residents and families alike at the end of life and he also spends time on Keepsake Village with our Memory Care Residents. Teddie is loved by all and the Residents know when it’s “Teddie Time”!”

-Sherri Orosco, Activities Director at The Hearth at Stones Crossing in Indiana

Mother’s Day is a great example of how we incorporate the Emotional aspect of Live More® at The Hearth. We hosted a beautiful Mother’s Day Meal and afternoon tea that all of the residents families were invited too.  Family time was a Mother’s Day tradition at Mom’s house. This tradition continues at the Hearth. Mom still hosts this joyful day of hosting her children in her home. Her kids come to visit and share a meal or tea and memories continue to be made. Moving into the Hearth allows all of our residents to continue to Live More®, and continue family tradition.”

– Laura Payne, Executive Director at The Hearth at Juday Creek in Indiana


Presented by The Hearth at Franklin, The Hearth at Tudor Gardens, & The Hearth at Sycamore Village

“It’s that time of year at the Hearth at Franklin when spring fills the air and our plant lovers fill the flower beds with bright, happy colors. As part of our Live More® Environmental area of wellness, we not only enjoy growing beautiful plants and dressing up the veranda, courtyards, and entries, but we also love caring for the plants inside The Hearth, too.  The Hearth has recently started a garden club, but volunteers and lovers of plants and flowers join in the fun, too.  Both Keepsake Village and Senior Living residents don’t seem to mind digging in the dirt or splashing a little water here and there because the payoff is well worth it.  Impatiens, larkspurs, geraniums, and petunias join the ferns and evergreens at The Hearth to say “hello spring!””

-Dee Ann Grand, Activities Director at The Hearth at Franklin in Tennessee

“Whether it’s making our building even more beautiful for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, or setting up activity reminders, our residents and staff take great pride in their home environment.  It really is part of our Live More® philosophy.  Turning where you live into a home is part of what bonds people to their community.  Creating memories is what makes a home special and every part of this environment is touched by the special residents and staff that make the Hearth at Tudor Gardens a home.”

-Tracy Lyngholm, Activities Director at The Hearth at Tudor Gardens in Indiana

Louise & Donna holding their donated plants.

“One of the ways we incorporate the Environmental area of wellness from our Live More® philosophy is through planting.  A group of children planted pots, decorated them, and donated them to our residents for them to put in their apartments.  Here are some benefits of indoor plants.

Particular benefits of interior plants include:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide levels.
  • Increasing humidity.
  • Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Reducing airborne dust levels.
  • Keeping air temperatures down.  
  • Plus, they add beauty to the room!!”

-Cora Myers, Activities Assistant at The Hearth at Sycamore Village in Indiana


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